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London manufacturer embraces Lean model to make a case for growth

AR18 is a small company that produces a wide range of bespoke display and retail units.  Its units have been installed in airports all over the world for a wide range of blue chip clients.  Using large bed cnc cutters and a laser cutter, they can cut a range of materials to specific customer requirements.

Current state to future state mapping workshops were held with the team resulting in the creation of a future state process.  A visual tracking board for orders and quotes was created so staff could see progress of orders.  Key individuals were heavily linked to core quote and ordering tasks so by establishing Standard Operating Procedures, these key individuals were allowed free capacity to develop business development opportunities.  A simplified system of operation to support current computer systems was implemented which allowed for tracking of quotes, quote hit ratio and easy identification of outstanding quote values.

Key Achievements

  • Potential £40k increase in turnover
  • Over £13k cost savings achieved
  • 80% improvement in equipment productivity
  • 20% improvement in people productivity
  • 15% increase in space utilisation
  • 20% reduction in scrap
  • Significant increase in employee satisfaction
  • Knowledge transfer of lean principles and techniques allowing continuous improvement


The manufacturing challenge

To enable future growth through standardising processes and improving efficiencies

MAS Action

The company approached MAS as it has grown steadily over the past 7 years but was now at a point that it needed to standardise its processes and create capacity to allow further expansion.  Through the initial diagnostic, the office process was identified as a starting point for Lean implementation.


The MAS intervention created a strong foundation for future business expansion and enabled key individuals within the business to concentrate on business development while allowing others to carry out a fuller and more engaged role.  Staff were engaged throughout the intervention to ensure a good understanding of the process and what was trying to be achieved.  The knowledge transfer of lean principles and techniques will allow the business to continuously improve and implement best practice manufacturing processes.

Turnover: £800k
Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex

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