EDM Precision Technologies Ltd
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EDM Precision Technologies Ltd

EDM Precision Technologies Ltd

MAS helped Northamptonshire company to improve its internal documentation and paperwork flow.
EDM Precision Technologies Ltd

electro-discharge machine

“If you have an idea about something you want to improve in your business; speak to MAS first.”
Paul Waldron, Managing Director, EDM Precision Technologies Ltd

The Manufacturing Challenge

EDM Precision Technologies Ltd are specialists in electro-discharge machining. Established in 1992, EDM grew steadily until 2006 when the business was acquired by its current owner Paul Waldron. Since 2006, the business has undergone some significant improvements, including moving to new larger premises in 2008 and adding new machines in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. In May 2011 the company achieved the EN/AS 9100 quality standard to add to the ISO9001 standard it has held for 13 years.

EDM‟s owner and Managing Director, Paul Waldron, explains why the company needed assistance: “Although the business always had good internal process documentation and paperwork flow, it did not have an integrated system that fully connected quotation, order entry, works orders, purchase orders, certificates of conformity, delivery notes and invoicing. In order to eliminate potential human error, reduce repetition of data entry and produce visually consistent paperwork for our customers and suppliers, an integrated system was required. The costs of even a part customised system was high – and we approached MAS to see if they could help.”

MAS Action

MAS Advisor, Ian Davie, was referred to the company and he realised that looking at their requirements, it was clear that he personally could assist them to improve their internal processes.

Paul Waldron picks up the story: “Ian Davie had expertise in business systems. Ian was able to develop a system for us based on Microsoft Excel that he fully customised to our business. On his first visit he spent time understanding our system and collecting the data he needed and two weeks later he returned with a fully functioning system, and after a couple of “tweaks” which he carried out on the same day, it was up and running.

The Result

“We did not have to buy any software as the system is based on Excel, consequently there were no costs to us. We have been running the system since April 2011 and it is brilliant. We have seen at least 60% reduction in the time required to process the paperwork for an order from start to finish. This has enabled the management to focus their attention on other opportunities and business improvements, including acquiring another new machine in October this year which has helped us with the increased demand we are enjoying. In addition, the quality of the paperwork we provide our customers and suppliers is now of a very high standard and is as least as good as that produced by some very expensive systems. This image‟ improvement has made potential new customers and suppliers take us very seriously.”

Ian has set up several similar systems with other companies, and Paul has recommended MAS and Ian to some of his own customers in the East Midlands. Paul concludes: “I knew that we needed to do something about our system and was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to deal with MAS. It is my belief that if you have an idea about something you want to improve in your business; speak to MAS first. This business improvement project with MAS has given us real benefit and cost us nothing!”

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