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Bristol manufacturer embraces innovation to make a case for growth


Established in Bristol in 1987, Protechnic is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke transit cases. Keen to develop a new type of case to expand into new sectors and markets, the company approached the Manufacturing  Advisory Service (MAS) for advice and support.

“MAS has made a real impact here at Protechnic. Working closely with our team, MAS assisted in the design and product development  of our Exocase model, helping us to create something genuinely innovative. The advisor was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic;  having a trusted third party ratify our proposals was invaluable.”
Keith Judson,
Managing Director, Protechnic

Key Achievements

  • On track to increase turnover from £2million to £5million over five years
  • Developed the Exocase, an innovative product that can be built to exact specifications
  • Branched into new sectors including motorsport, defence, aerospace and medical
  • Competitors expressing interest in dealership opportunities

“Innovation is alive and well in the South West – Keith and the team at Protechnic are a prime example of this. Protechnic actively sought opportunities to innovate and expand their offering, moving into new sectors and markets. They came to MAS with a strong idea and we helped guide it through the development process to completion.”John Phillipart, Manufacturing Advisor, MAS

The manufacturing challenge

Although Protechnic is already the UK’s market leader, the company recognised it could not afford to sit still. Protechnic
is determined to keep developing its offering to ensure it continues to add value for its customers.

“We were keen to create something unique, something genuinely innovative and more than just a ‘me too’ product. Dozens of companies make flight cases and, while we’ve worked hard to become the market leader in the UK, often the only real bargaining chip is price. We wanted to create a case that was incredibly durable, easily repaired and could be manufactured to exact specifications,”  said Keith Judson, Managing Director, Protechnic.

MAS Action

“MAS helped us establish the crux of the idea, affirming what we wanted  to achieve and the niche we were trying to fill. The advisor acted as a sounding board and brought knowledge of different industries and sectors to the table. MAS helped us to access an external design specialist, whose support was instrumental in the product development. The idea for the Exocase has been around for four years, it was only with the support of MAS and the design specialist that we had the continued impetus and resources to explore the idea fully,” said Keith.


“Within two months of the Exocase being launched, we anticipate a significant positive impact on the company. Protechnic now has the potential to double in size over the next five years, growing to a predicted 60 employees and a turnover of £5million. We have successfully targeted new markets, both international and here in the South West. This product has opened up a dialogue with major regional players including the MOD, Rolls Royce and Airbus. Developing the Exocase has had a significant impact on our design and manufacturing processes, and we now have an effective new product development template in place going forward.”

funded by European Regional Development Fund


Employees: 30
Turnover: £2m
Sector: International Logistics
Location: Nailsea, Bristol

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